Continuing Education

Here at Three Crosses, we believe every child is unique and special in their own way, just as God intended. We realize children develop and progress differently and at different times.

Our Preschool Programming

At our Preschool, we provide a learning environment and a variety of age appropriate experiences which help children develop socially, intellectually, physically, and emotionally, and encourage self-confidence, spontaneity, curiosity, and self-discipline. As your child’s skills grow we will continue to further challenge them academically and socially, providing periodic reviews and updates to our parents to help them continue this process at home.

Our Preschool programming is proud to follow the ABC Jesus Loves Me Preschool Curriculum, in conjunction with Creative Curriculum, designed to teach key skills that are important for school and future achievements.

Kids In Training After School Program

Our Kids In Training After school Program designates a block of time each day to provide schoolwork assistance and instruction each day. As we begin to spend more time with your child, we learn the techniques that best fit your child’s personality to encourage and assist them in their assignments.

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Kids In Training Enrichment Center