Preschool Program

Preparing Children For School and Life

Our Preschool program is a very unique program that we are blessed to be able to offer to our community. Our program not only provides parents with an affordable way for their children to receive the educational and social skills training needed to prepare them for Kindergarten, we also provide a number of flexible options to accompany working parents and busy schedules. While we are a fully engaged and certified preschool offering the convenience of two, three, and five day educational classes, we are also able to offer Extended Care services once preschool has ended for the day to allow parents to rest easy that their little one is cared for until they are able to get off work. We look forward to meeting you and will be honored to take part in the educational, emotional, and spiritual growth of your child as they prepare for kindergarten.

Our Invitation

All children are invited to attend our Preschool regardless of faith denominations. Although it is not mandatory, families are invited to attend church services and church activities. We would love to worship with you!

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Students may enroll for fall or spring semesters by contacting the program director at 270-527-3990. Special registration events will also be held at designated locations within the community.

Everything You Need To Know

Everything found on this page and much more important information can be found in our Kids In Training Preschool Handbook. We give all our parents a Handbook upon registration. Our handbook will provide you with answers to many of the questions you may have concerning our Preschool. If you have any other questions, please give our program director a call at 270-527-3990.


Schedule and Calendar

We are now open Monday through Friday 7:00 am-5:30 pm. We offer a variety of preschool and childcare options to meet each individual families needs. For more information please call the center and asked to speak with the director or assistant director.

We no longer follow the Marshal County School System schedule for closing. We are open year round except for Holidays. See handbook for days we are closed.

What To Bring

  • Back Pack: Should be large enough to hold communications folder. (standard size folder)
  • Nap material: Should include a pillow and blanket. All all nap material will be stored separately and labeled with your child’s name and be laundered at Little Learners according to KY State child care regulations.
  • Change of clothes: Please send an extra change of clothes labeled with your child’s name on the first day of attendance. These will be kept at the center and changed out seasonally.
  • Diapers/Pull-ups: If your child still uses diapers or pull-ups, please bring at least five per day. If using pull-ups, please send pull-ups with Velcro sides.
  • A healthy lunch:Our program provides a morning snack and our Extended program will provide an afternoon snack. However, it is required that family provide their child a lunch that follows state guidelines. Please refer to the nutritional chart provided.
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